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I am a wife and mother of five with a keen eye for design and a knack for website development. My love of designing began in high school when I volunteered to help with the layout and design of our school’s yearbook. Way back then, the designing of yearbooks was accomplished with the format being designed on yearbook graph paper. We have come a long way since those high school days!

Upon graduation, I went to the University of Valley Forge where I took a computer class and learned the basics of creating a website. I continued incorporating design work throughout college and into the years I served as a missionary to Namibia, Africa.


When my husband and I were married, I soon realized he needed help with design to promote his music online. I built my first official website in 2011 for my husband so he could increase his bookings as a professional musician, and the site worked wonders! Hence, Beauvais Designs was born.

Since then, I’ve developed many successful sites, leading to my becoming a Wix Agency Partner.


You have worked hard to get to where you are today. You deserve the best! I am looking forward to when we can work together to develop and promote your website!



Joe Paterno served as the Head Football Coach at Penn State University for 50 years. When I enrolled at Penn State, Rip Engle was the Head Coach. I have said that to say this; I have been around a very long time.

After working for 15 years as a Mental Health professional, I entered the full-time ministry, where I was blessed to work for 37 years as a pastor and as a program director of a Christian Drug and Alcohol Program.

Since retiring from the full-time ministry in 2016, I worked part-time as an Associate Pastor of a church in Las Vegas and now lead weekly Bible Studies in our home state of Pennsylvania.

In 2018 I joined my daughter, Melissa Beauvais, helping her as an editor in her Website design business. As an editor, I am dedicated to helping her clients' websites be the best that they can be, and helping Melissa become the best website designer she can be.  To this end, I look forward to serving both you and Melissa as we work together to make your website a website of which you can be proud.

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